Who We Are

We started NuLeaf Lawn Care because we wanted to make a difference. We wanted to create a landscape safe for our family and pets to enjoy, a landscape free of pesticides and synthetic chemicals. We knew we could accomplish these goals while still having beautiful surroundings.  Now we want to spread our success through the neighborhoods of the greater Washington DC area. NuLeaf was born from these fundamentals, we are the first truly organic lawn care company located in the Nation’s Capital.

Our Skills & Expertise

We chose the name NuLeaf for two reasons. First, we feel the time for change is now; we know organic options work, we simply need to make the commitment to change. Second, NuLeaf represents a group of professionals with over 20 years of landscape industry experience who saw the need to do the right thing for our families and our environment.  We left great jobs with great companies to follow a passion for making a difference. NuLeaf is a rebirth it’s about new ideas and a new direction for an industry in the need of change. Please take a minute and check out our services.

NuLeaf is environmentally conscious. NuLeaf’s application methods, training, products, integrated pest management techniques and a firm commitment to the environment separate us from the competition.

The NuLeaf Difference
The NuLeaf Difference