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Why NuLeaf Lawn Care?

Nuleaf’s Lawn care programs are safe for your family and the environment they don’t rely on synthetic chemical fertilizers containing phosphorous, nitrates and the use of synthetic pesticides. These harmful chemical compounds are linked to health defects and immune system compromise in humans and pets. These compounds are also linked to growing dead zones in the Chesapeake Bay.

  • NuLeaf Lawn Care

    Our lawn care programs are 100% customizable focused on your lawn’s specific needs and unique challenges.

    NuLeaf Lawn Care
  • Organic Plant Health Care

    Our Plant health care program builds your soil’s natural fertility reducing plant stress preventing disease and pest damage

    Organic Plant Health Care
  • Organic Mosquito Control

    We can safely and naturally help control Mosquitos on your property. Protecting your family and pets

    Organic Mosquito Control

Why Go With NuLeaf  Lawn Care?

NuLeaf’s lawn care approach starts with building the soil and ends with healthy lawns through the organic fertilization and promoting of beneficial micro-organisms that build the lawn’s natural defenses against environmental stress, disease and insect problems. Our annual organic lawn care service restore nature’s balance, our organic lawn care programs feed the lawn building a dense lush lawn choking out weeds and reducing its dependence on watering. We invite the families and businesses of Washington DC, Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria and Loudoun County in Virginia along with Chevy Chase and Bethesda Maryland to embrace the safe healthy approach to maintaining your lawn and landscape organically, with our organic fertilization services, contact us today to discuss which Nuleaf organic lawn care program is right for you.

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How is NuLeaf  Lawn Care Different from other Companies?

Simple, we live and breath this stuff.  Our leadership team is constantly learning, we follow the top organic lawn care researchers around the world.  We take what they learn and integrate what works into our organic lawn care programs.  The most exciting and relevant research is in the use of biostimulates to enrich the soil flora thus improving nutrient availability in soil. The soil is the foundation of plant growth.  In nature, nutrients enter the soil as organic matter and then is broken down by soil microorganisms releasing nutrients which plants can take up through the roots. Therefore, the philosophy behind organic lawn care is simple. In feeding the soil, you feed the soil microorganisms, which in turn, feeds the plants.

NuLeaf’s organic lawn care programs include organic sources of fertilizer, biostimulates and beneficial microorganisms.  This combination of immediately available nutrients and soil building components gets quicker results then our competition. We formulate each application based on the lawn’s current growth phase ensuring we are optimizing each organic lawn care visit.


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