What’s That Tall Yellow Looking Grass in my Lawn? Nutsedge?

This particular weed does look a lot like regular grass, but it’s actually Yellow Nutsedge and now that summer has arrived in Alexandria Virginia it really starts to grow like crazy.

Nutsedge is not grass at all, it’s actually a Sedge.  Nutsedge is usually found in full sun areas and in wet spots like around culverts or low spots in the lawn that retain water  The leaf blades of Sedges are more stiff than grass types like fescue and bluegrass.  It can also be identified by its quick growth, pale color leaving your lawn with a negative appearance.  In the summer Nutsedge grows much faster than the rest of your lawn leaving an uneven appearance. Nutsedge can be difficult to control, as it’s tuber root system typically grows deep in the soil.  Yellow Nutsedge tubers have as many as seven viable buds and enough of an energy reserve to sprout them all. Nutsedge is best controlled proactively, with a combination of both mechanical and chemical maintenance.  The sooner it is treated, the better the results. Here are the top three tips for control.

MOWING HEIGHT: The taller you mow your grass, the more your grass will naturally help crowd Nutsedge out.  Mowing your grass shorter helps stimulate Nutsedge, as the grass actually gives it more room to grow and spread.

DON’T OVER WATER: Nutsedge likes to grow in overly moist areas of turf, with poor soil drainage.

HERBICIDE APPLICATIONS: All NuLeaf Lawn Care Programs include Nutsedge Control.  We use speciality products formulated for control of sedges and with a few application we can reduce and or eliminate it from your lawn.  If you have not signed up for one of NuLeaf’s Lawn Care Program start today before the problem gets out of control