Virginia is a Green State

Recently I came accross interesting statistics on the lawn and landscape industry in virginia a 1.2 billion dollar business.

  • 20,000 people employed creating a sales of $1.2 billion
  • Nursery, greenhouse & sod production rank #5 out of all VA ag products in “farm gate” value. Virginia now ranks #18 out of 50 states in horticulture. Orange County ranks in the top 2% of all counties nationwide
  • Virginia growers are satisfying the surge in appetite for edibles of all kinds. Trees and shrubs account for 56% of plant sales and provide ecosystem services,too: storm water runoff reduction: clean water and air: heating and cooling benifits.
  • The Virgnia landscape and nursery industry helps design, plant, install, maintain and care for our largest combined land cover, the turf and gardens in your yard. 54% of green industry dollars are spent on these people-provided services.
  • More than half of green industry dollars stay in Virginia; our industry favors supplies, plant material and labor from here.