Time to Winterize Your Lawn

Fall is the perfect time to winterize your lawn getting it ready for the cold dark winter ahead. Late Fall fertilization is often refered to as “winterizer fertilizer.” This application is one of the most important application of the year.   The benefits of winterizer fertilzer is all about the root system of the grass plants and will set the the plant up for a quick green up in the Spring.   Your lawn is still growing long after your last mowing.  As long as the soil is not frozen the grass roots are spreading and absorbing nutrients. Waiting until air temperature rise to the point that the plant is ready for shoot growth. Starting the growing season all over again. When Spring returns these stored nutrients are immediately available and will thicken up the lawn bringing back its lush green color.  Thick lawns resist crabgrass and other weeds reducing the need for weed control products.  NuLeaf Lawn Care Programs will ensure you get your proper fall feeding, contact us today for a free consultation.

Fall is the perfect time to feed your lawn.