Organic Plant Health Care Services

NuLeaf Organic Plant Health Care Service

A new landscape or a mature stately garden our organic plant health care approach can be customized to your specific landscape.

NuLeaf's Organic Tree and Shrub Care Programs Include:

  • Organic fertilizers
  • Organic vegetation management
  • Organic insect pest management
  • Compost tea for disease efficacy and nutrient enhancement
  • Beneficial Mycorrhizae


NuLeaf's goal is build the overall natural health of your landscape working from the roots up. A healthy plant not only looks great but also has the strength to fight off pests and thrive in the harshest conditions.


Why is Natural Better?

Chemical Tree and Shrub Programs are not the answer. Chemical Programs pump the plants full of nitrogen, which cause the plants to grow quickly and develop large leaf surfaces. These leaves are really tasty to pests because when you push a plant to grow, it has fewer resources to put into defending itself, so pests love it! It’s no wonder that once you start fertilizing your trees chemically, you also happen to need the more poisonous chemicals to prevent pests.

The soil in your yard is not exactly virgin forest soil.  In many cases, its recent basement soil doesn’t hold a lot of nutrients and can be very low on biology. Soil biology plays a huge role in both feeding and protecting your trees and shrubs from pests. There are studies that show when under attack from a pest, the plant sends a signal through its roots to soil bacteria, which then triggers the plant's natural defense system to discourage the pest. Without good soil biology, you’ll be more likely to need chemical pesticides! This is why the foundation of our tree and shrub program is adding beneficial microbes and natural botanicals to enhance good soil biology.

NuLeaf’s organic tree and shrub program consists of 5 seasonal visits. Each visit we work to build the soil organically through applications of bio-rich liquid or granular products.  Our technicians will seek to identify plant damaging pests and treat appropriately the identified problems using appropriate insecticides and biological controls.