The pefect time for lime on your yard is now

As the lawn care season draws to an end now is the perfect time to address soil nutureint issues identified by a comprehensive soil test or with a field pH reading.  A critical factor to a healthy lawn is proper soil pH.  If the test results show a low pH, a lime application will be needed.  Lime affects color, thatch and root development. When your soil pH is too low (acid), it needs lime to bring it back to balance. Soil that is too acid causes “fertilizer lock.” This means that fertilizer and important micro-nutrients become locked up in the soil and are unavailable to the grass plants.
Lock-up may result in the lawn becoming thin and yellow, thatch building up faster and root growth slowing down. We suggest annual liming for acid soils.

December is a great time to put lime down because you are treating the soil not the grass plant so they don’t need to be actively growing, its great time management.

Can you guess which image below has a low pH?