NuLeaf Lawn Care Has Been Named a Green and Clean Company

The Virginia Green & Clean initiative is an effort to help meet water quality standards set forth by the federal Clean Water Act and the state. Many of Virginia’s water bodies are unhealthy and do not meet these standards. Voluntary actions from businesses, like NuLeaf can help protect the environment and improve degraded areas without creating a need for new regulations.

The proper management of fertilizers on turf and landscape areas helps prevent the accumulation of excess nutrients in ground and surface water. Accumulation of nutrients in groundwater used as a drinking water source can pose public health risks. Excess nutrients in surface waters upset the natural balance needed for healthy and productive rivers, lakes and streams. Nutrient-enriched waters are prone to algal blooms and depletion of oxygen, resulting in a water body incapable of supporting fish and other aquatic organisms.  NuLeaf Lawn Care Programs protect Virginia water ways by responsibly applying nutrients based on the results of individual soil samples for each property.   Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.