Mosquitoes in Northern Virginia have tested positive for the West Nile Virus

Prince William County announced Monday that mosquitoes tested positive for the West Nile Virus in Woodbridge. And Fairfax County officials said they found four groups of mosquitoes that also tested positive. Maryland officials have not yet started testing mosquitoes.

The reduction of the mosquito population is the key to protecting your family.  We encourage homeowners to walk their properties in order to identify any potential breeding ground for mosquitos. A Female mosquitoes can lay her eggs in as little as a quarter inch of standing water so be on the look out for anywhere stagnant water could collect, old flower pots, tires, trash can lids or maybe an old birdbath.

The virus can lead to simple flulike symptoms, or it can lead to swelling of the brain and other severe problems. People age 50 and older are most at risk, health officials said. Severe symptoms include high fever, convulsions, vision loss and paralysis.

Taking the precautionary action above along with enrolling in Nuleaf’s Organic Mosquito Control program will go a long way in making your outdoor surroundings safe and enjoyable this summer.