Lawn Aeration; The Secret to a Lush Green Lawn

In the quest for a beautiful lawn here in the Washington DC area, aeration ranks as one of the top best-kept secrets. This often-overlooked lawn care practice paves the way for healthy grass that stands up to drought, disease, and everyday wear and tear. It is the best way to rebuild a DC lawn after one of our brutal summers.

 What Is Aeration? 

When you aerate a lawn, you make holes in the lawn and soil using a mechanical aerator by extracting a small plug of soil, also known as a core. Lawn aeration produces several results:

  • Oxygen can reach turf roots and soil.
  • Our Organic fertilizers and nutrients can enter the soil and come into contact with roots.
  • Water soaks into soil more efficiently, easily reaching grass root zones.
  • Thatch is physically disrupted and broken up. Compacted soil is loosened.

Why Aeration Is Needed?

Lawns take a great deal of abuse in Northern Virginia, family football games, chasing dogs and kids around even the activities associated with maintaining a lush lawn combine to compress soil, which suppresses root growth and hinders roots from penetrating into soil. If a lawn grows for years without aeration, the soil beneath will eventually harden, shrugging off fertilizer, rainfall, and supplemental irrigation. As soil becomes tighter, grass grows less, thinning and eventually dying. Aerating the lawn along with enrolling in one of  NuLeaf  Lawn Care’s organic based lawn care programs will ensure a healthy and strong lawn able to flourish in the difficult climate here in the Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland areas.

September is the best time for aeration and seeding in Northern Virginia. Don’t miss the window.  Give us a call at NuLeaf Lawn Care to schedule Fall aeration today.

Lawn Aeration Diagram
Lawn Aeration Diagram