It is time to Aerate and Seed your lawn in Northern Virginia

As summer comes to end in Northern Virginia our lawns can look a little beat up,  Our cool season grasses, fescue and bluegrass have been stressed by the high summer temperatures. With all the moisture this year they have had to fight of disease and weed pressure all summer long.

Now the good news!  Cooler temperatures are around the corner and aeration and over-seeding season has arrived.  The NuLeaf team is out now aerating and seeding our existing client’s lawns.  If you have not signed up for a NuLeaf lawn care program now is the perfect time to start.  Now is a great time to to start the repair of a neglected lawn that has not been on a regular treatment plan in the past.

What is lawn aeration?

Aeration is the Process of mechanically punching thousands of cores in to the lawn’s soil. 

Why should you aerate a lawn?

Aeration loosens compacted soil. Compacted soil can prevent grass plants from developing deep roots. Compacted soil also prevents air, water and fertilizer from reaching the lawns roots.  Soil is compacted by walking and playing on our lawns, mowing and even the rain drops that fall on it from storms and droplets from irrigation systems can add to the compaction.  Compaction is especially a problem in the Northern Virginia area because of our soil’s high clay content.  Aeration also helps break up the thatch layer right above the soil creating better air flow helping to prevent disease. 

When is the Best Time to Aerate and Over-seed a lawn?

Late August through mid October is best.  As weather turns cooler the top growth of the grass plant slows while the soil is still warm encouraging vigorous root growth, building a healthy grass plant.

What should I expect after NuLeaf Aerates my lawn?

Right after NuLeaf finishes aerating your lawn your lawn will be dotted with small soil cores.  Within a week or two these will fall apart and disappear into the lawn.  You will see less water run off as water now can easily penetrate the soil. After a week or two If you look closely you will see new whitish roots actively growing in the aeration holes.  This is your lawn stretching it’s legs, expanding the root system. 

With annual aeration your lawn will show enhanced heat and drought tolerance.  With over- seeding the lawn will thicken reducing the areas weeds can take hold limiting the amount of herbicide needed to have that lush green  lawn you deserve.