How to Keep Your Lawn Looking Great this Summer.

Summer is here in Northern Virginia which means we need to take a few steps to ensure our lawns continue to look great as the heat and humidity arrives.  Here are the 3 golden rules for summer lawn care. 

Don’t mow to low.  Cool season grasses like our tall fescue and bluegrass need to be mowed at 3.5” – 4” during the summer.  There is a reason it is called Tall Fescue.  This helps keep the soil from drying out and keeps weeds down. Also don’t let the lawn get to tall between mowings. You never want to cut more then a third of the grass blade at one time.  This can stress the lawn leading to disease or dis coloring.

Watering. Our lawns need 1” – 1.5” of water per week.  A great way to measure to ensure you are watering enough is put a flat bottom baking dish in the lawn under the sprinkler and time how long it takes to reach the 1” mark.  This will tell you how long to water in the future.  If the lawn is on a hill you will need to increase the time you water because of runoff. 

Water in the morning never in the evening.  If you water in the evening the grass blades will stay wet all night opening the lawn up for fungal disease. 

Follow these 3 tips and before you know it summer will be over. As the cooler temperatures return in the Fall our cool season lawns will look fantastic.