Old Man Winter a No Show in 2012

I can not remembered a winter this mild in Washington DC. Daffodils are blooming, tulips are ready to pop, and I smashed a mosquito on neck yesterday. No, really I did!! These temperatures are pushing us in to the Spring season sooner then normal and we have to react accordingly.
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What is wrong with chemical fertilizers?

Chemical fertilizers provide an “empty” type of food directly to the lawn. This is like the empty calories we get from eating pure refined sugar. Synthetic fertilizers do not contain organic material or bio-stimulants which feed soil microbes building the soil food web providing full service to the plants. They

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Good to Know: Winds are Changing.

Did you know, as of 2011…
In Canada, over 130 communities and two entire provinces have passed laws severely restricting pesticide use, so homeowners and city park services are going organic.
In the U.S., a number of cities and towns have restricted the use of pesticides on school grounds or

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