How to Keep Your Lawn Looking Great this Summer.

Summer is here in Northern Virginia which means we need to take a few steps to ensure our lawns continue to look great as the heat and humidity arrives.  Here are the 3 golden rules for summer lawn care. 
Don’t mow to low.  Cool season grasses like our tall fescue

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My lawn is going to seed, is that normal?

We have recieved a few questions about lawns going to seed here in Northern Virginia.  It is completely normal and sign of a healthy lawn. Click on this link to see a great video from the The Lawn Care Nut.  It does a great job explaining the process.  Please enjoy.
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Where do all these weeds come from? They just don’t stop!

The definition of a weed is a plant in an undesirable area.  The majority of lawn weeds reproduce by dropping seeds.  There are tens of thousands of weed seeds in your lawn soil and under the right conditions they will germinate.  Typical weeds in the lawn are broken down into

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Am I dreaming? Or is there more moss in my yard this spring?

Nope, you are  not dreaming.  We are seeing increased amounts of moss this spring because of the record amounts of moisture and the resulting wet conditions our area experienced in 2018, and continuing into 2019.
Moss propagates when grass is not growing during the late fall, winter and early spring. 

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Time to Winterize Your Lawn

Fall is the perfect time to winterize your lawn getting it ready for the cold dark winter ahead. Late Fall fertilization is often refered to as “winterizer fertilizer.” This application is one of the most important application of the year.   The benefits of winterizer fertilzer is all about the

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It is time to Aerate and Seed your lawn in Northern Virginia

As summer comes to end in Northern Virginia our lawns can look a little beat up,  Our cool season grasses, fescue and bluegrass have been stressed by the high summer temperatures. With all the moisture this year they have had to fight of disease and weed pressure all summer long.
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First Case of West Nile Reported in Fairfax County Virginia

Heath officials in Fairfax County have confirmed the first case of West Nile Virus in the county on Friday.  The case comes from the north eastern part of the county.  This case come as the heavy rains continue to saturate our area.  All of this rain is creating great breeding

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How to Water Lawns in Northern Virginia

Why water the lawn?
Water composes from 75 percent to 85 percent of the weight of a healthy grass plant. It is essential for seed germination, tissue formation, plant cooling, food manufacture, and nutrient absorption and transport.  A grass plant loses the most water under conditions of high light intensity,

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The Dog Days of Summer have Arrived in Northern Virginia

The 4th of July marks the arrival of summer here in Alexandria Virginia.  This mean hot humid days, evening thunderstorms and sticky nights.  All can take a toll on your lawn’s health.  NuLeaf has put a few tips together to help get your lawn through the next two months.

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What’s That Tall Yellow Looking Grass in my Lawn? Nutsedge?

This particular weed does look a lot like regular grass, but it’s actually Yellow Nutsedge and now that summer has arrived in Alexandria Virginia it really starts to grow like crazy.
Nutsedge is not grass at all, it’s actually a Sedge.  Nutsedge is usually found in full sun areas and

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Take Back your Yard from Mosquitos in Northern Virginia

The cool spring we have had in Northern Virginia has delayed the arrival of the dreaded mosquito, but with temperatures forecasted in the 70’s they are right around the corner. Don’t let these dangerous and annoying little buggers ruin your time outdoors. World wide mosquitos are responsible for more deaths

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Ten Amazing things Healthy Lawns do for us and our Planet

1. Lawns purify air and improve air quality.
Turf grasses in the United States annually cleanse the air of an estimated 12 million tons of dust and dirt, along with many common impurities such as carbon dioxide. Once grass blades capture air-borne impurities, dew and precipitation help move them into

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NuLeaf Lawn Care Has Been Named a Green and Clean Company

The Virginia Green & Clean initiative is an effort to help meet water quality standards set forth by the federal Clean Water Act and the state. Many of Virginia’s water bodies are unhealthy and do not meet these standards. Voluntary actions from businesses, like NuLeaf can help protect the environment and

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NuLeaf’s Winter Lawn Care Tips for a Greener Spring

When it is winter here in Fairfax County you spend the least amount of time thinking of your lawn. You have put your lawn mower away and are ready for a few months of relaxation and watching football on the couch before you have to start the lawn maintenance routine

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Lawn Aeration and Seeding Watering Instructions

To achieve optimal results from your aeration and seeding we suggest that you follow these guidelines.

Begin watering right away. Light frequent watering is best for new seeding. We recommend watering lightly (just to the point of puddling) twice per day.  Continue twice per day watering until you see

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Tips for Setting your Irrigation System This Summer

Before we get started, there are several universal points to be regardless of the season.

Use your best judgement – no one knows your property better than you.
Rotors are irrigation heads that turn and require more run time than a spray head which does not move.
Watering start

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The NuLeaf Lawn Care Difference

We are always working hard to separate ourselves from other providers of lawn care in Northern Virginia.  We invest heavily in great people, we don’t skimp on the products we choose and we use cutting edge technology to better serve our customers.  Here are a few more details which make

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The pefect time for lime on your yard is now

As the lawn care season draws to an end now is the perfect time to address soil nutureint issues identified by a comprehensive soil test or with a field pH reading.  A critical factor to a healthy lawn is proper soil pH.  If the test results show a low pH,

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